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Got moisture? Plants grow best when properly watered. Cacti in particular like to fully dry out between waterings. Don't let water acculmulate in the bottom of the pot... check your water level with our handy Moisture Meter... click for info

Tylecodon Wallichii succulent plant
Rare Tylecodon Wallichii
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Pachypodium crest
Crested Pachypodium
This beautiful grafted plant is a variation of pachypodium lamerei with a crest. Over time, the crest will grow, twist, curl and take on unique shapes. They make a great gift for collectors and will highlight any collection.
Pachypodium are generally easy to grow, remember however that they lose their leaves during winter dormancy.
This plant is about 14-18 inches tall. We've never offered a crested pachypodium this size, previously larger ones sold for a substantial amount. These are younger and cost less. We have two available.

These plants have character! As they grow they develop wrinkles, crinckles and often crests. These are about 12-15 inches tall and the same wide. Each is unique, we have two available.

Nolina Pony Tail
Unusual Nolina Pony Tail
This pony tail palm has multiple trunks... it should grow interestingly. Pony Tails develop a large caudex at the base and a tuft of leaves at the top of the trunk. Over time it will develop into a tree. Shown in a 6 inch diameter pot, shipped bareroot.

Crested Breviflora
Grafted Pachypodium Brevicaule
These incredible grafts put a pachypodium brevicaule onto a trunk of pachypodium lamerei. They are remarkable. About three years old and growing robustly (flowering in March!). As the plant matures, both the trunk and the breviflora will grow in size, resulting in about seven years in the one pictured below. These are very unique and rare,
only a few remaining.

Large grafted breviflora
This is what your grafted brevicaule plant can look like in a few years, this one is eight years old (at least). The trunk grows wider along with the grafted top -- these are about 8-10 inches diameter -- show quality, simply magnificent! Two sold, one remaining.

Grafted namanquantum
Grafted Pachypodium Namaquantum
These incredible grafts put a pachypodium namaquantum onto a trunk of pachypodium lamerei. They are remarkable. They are about three uears old. As the plant matures, both the trunk and the breviflora will grow in size. These are very
unique and rare, we have a limited supply.

Fat Boy
Helianthocereus Terscheckii
"Fat Boy"

Also called the "Fat Boy", this plant will grow into a thick fat column. This one is about 8-10 inches tall, very wide and thick. Poised for huge growth.

Saguaro cactus
Authentic saguaro cactus plants are rare and difficult to find. As they grow, they develop "arms" and a classic Western appearance, you've seen them in photos and movies. This plant is substantial: about 2.5 feet tall, about 10 inches diameter. It is set for growth, albeit slowly!

Cardon Pringlii
Mega Large
Cardon Cactus
This oversize cactus is about 18 inches tall and 6 inches thick. It will grow, over time, into an extremely tall column-type cactus. Plant in a container or the ground, but give it room to grow!

Echeveria Topsy Turvy
Oversize Topsy Turvey
The topsy turvey is a favorite echeveria, noted for leaves that twist and turn. This is an oversized one -- about 4 times larger than our regular size. Shown in a 6-inch diameter pot, the plant is about 5 inches tall. Will grow into a large rosette.

Myrtillocactus geometrizans
Myrtillocactus Geometrizans
Elite Crest
Wow! These are fantastic crests! You won't find them very often. The usual myrtillocactus crest is sometimes called the Mexican Hat Crest due to its shape... but these elite crests far transcend the simple hat shape. They are twisted and shaped beautifully, with a slight pink coloration at the tips. These plants are about 10-11 inches diameter. Each one is different.

WOW!!!!! I have been fortunate to acquire some amazing plants from you over the years, but the latest cacti is almost beyond words.....truly spectacular!!!! It arrived safely today and is now resting in our home, potted up, for a spell prior to going into the warmer greenhouse. Thanks so much for selecting such a beauty for me!!! - DD

Opuntia subulata
Clumping Opuntia Subulata
This plant is about two feet tall and ready for growth when potted in a larger container or placed in the ground. The subulata is sometimes called the tubular opuntia, it is noted for it's bright green color and yellow spines. These are very plump and covered with bubbly nodes, should be very interesting as it grows.


Euphorbia kibwensis
Euphorbia Kibwensis
These interestingly shaped crested euphorbia are one of our all-time best selling crests, so much so that our supply of large ones has been depleted (we won't have a new crop for 5-6 months).
But we do have a limited supply of smaller ones, about 8-12 inches tall. Each one is different, but they have all the characteristics of their larger siblings except the size. They will grow into beautiful deep green crests. We have very few, order asap if you want one.
E-mail for availability

Large ehphorbia horrida
Euphorbia Horrida
This is a nice large sized euphorbia clump. About 12 inches tall, 10-11 inches wide.

Portulacaria Afra
Portulacaria Afra
This is a larger, well shaped plant about 24-30 inches tall. Also known as "Elephant's Food", it grows into a bushy shrub-like plant. Easily trimmed to size and shape, it grows well in many environments.

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Nolina Pony Tail
Pony Tail Palm
This has a very nice caudex... about 6+ inches wide, plus multiple stems! Leaves are about 18-24 inches tall. Ready to plant in a larger pot. This is a winner, there is high demand for the multi-trunk.

Euphorbia Tirucali
It's fat and it's green and it's bushy. Euphorbia tirucali (a.k.a. pencil cactus). This is the variety that stays green (as opposed to the firestick which turns red). Grows great in the ground or in a container (but needs moderate to bright light)

Gasteria hybid
Gasteria Hybrid
This gasteria looks almost like an aloe in shape, but the leaves are rigid and thick. Very large at about 8-10 inches diameter, it puts out a definite gasteria flower. It is a very interesting hybrid.

 Fat boy
Helianthocereus Terscheckii
"Fat Boy"

Also called the "Fat Boy", this plant will grow into a thick fat column... in a long time, this one is about 7-8 inches tall.

Euphorbia trigona
Large Red
Euphorbia Trigona

Sometimes called the African Milk Tree, the trigonas with red leaves (like this one) are much more rare than those that are all green. This is a striking plant, about 3-3.5 feet tall. Will grow well indoors if bright sunlight is available.
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