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End of Story.
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Calling it Quits?
Special Offer
For Broken Hearts

Don't just get mad, get even. He/she broke your heart. He/she is a big jerk/heartless wench.

present.gif (454 bytes) Serious emotional pain can be rapidly alieviated by sending a unique Breakup Gift designed to repeatedly; year after year; for many, many years; rub in what they carelessly gave up. These plants will last a lifetime, continually conveying your feelings.

coffee.gif (307 bytes) Relax and let your Breakup Gift deliver your message. A few clicks on your part and we'll do the rest.

martini_shaken.gif (266 bytes) Enjoy the feeling that sending your Breakup Gift will give you. You don't deserve to be treated that way and now it's off your chest. Time to move on... it's a big world out there... full of opportunities.


All gift plants come complete with:

bd14693_.gif (173 bytes) Plant (of course)

bd14693_.gif (173 bytes) Decorated pot with ribbon

bd14693_.gif (173 bytes) Goodbye card with your personal message (be sure to write your message during checkout). Tell us if you want to remain anonymous, so we don't sign your card.

bd14693_.gif (173 bytes) Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, allow approximately 5 days from date of payment.

Really, really mad?
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Next Day Delivery
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Ugly breakup gift
devil_smile.gif (444 bytes)
Breakup Gift #1
Old Man Cactus

6 to 8 inches of thick, hairy, spine-covered cactus. A brutal reminder of days gone by. The hair on this cactus reminds you of what wasn't on his head/what was on her upper lip. The columnar shape and sharp spines convey their own unique message.

Echinocactus_grusoni_sm_V1.JPG (195519 bytes)
devil_smile.gif (444 bytes)
Breakup Gift #2
Echinocactus Grusonii
Golden Barrel Cactus

Five inches of round, spine-covered cactus. A sharp reminder of your relationship. The spines on this cactus recall the piercing pain in your heart. The rotund shape suggests his/her unsightly fat bulges which you lovingly ignored.

Low Budget Breakup.JPG (471599 bytes)
Low Budget Breakup
When it's definitely over but you still want to make a sharp point, try the Low Budget Breakup. Slightly smaller than our other breakup gifts, your message will still be piercingly clear. Not-so-perfect sharp ugly cactus comes potted in 2-inch square ceramic pot.



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