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Plant and Other News
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Evasive Dave the Blogger
Caught on Camera

You've noticed that we are gently migrating our site to a new, more user friendly format.

You will find it at The new site uses a more contemporary shopping cart engine for a better customer experience.

You will find search options, expanded payment options and many other features.

We will be operating both sites, but new plants will be added to the new site. So, check there first!

As always, if you have special requests, comments or suggestions, let us know via e-mail.
Living Succulent Wreath
We now have some large spring/summer wreaths available.
E-mail for information

Ugly But Tasty
This is a photo of Dragon Fruit, which are produced by the Queen of the Night plant that we sell (Hylocereus Undatus Special $24.95). It is a vivid pink color with green tips, looks somewhat like a strange atcichoke. Inside, however, it is extremely tasty and makes a memorable dessert dish. Takes at least a couple of years (or more) for the plants to produce the fruit, but when they do it is a wonderful payoff. Also called the pitaya in some regions. This is a drought tolerant plant that requires little water or care. It climbs, though, so be careful to avoid root damage on wooden structures, try using a trellis.
Dragonfruit_Chiyai_market.jpg (19547 bytes)

Save the World with Aloe Vera?

Well, not really, but the more you learn about this fascinating plant the more appealing it becomes.

It is one of the only plants approved as a medicinal treatment for skin irritations and burns. For centuries it has been recognized for this purpose. The inside gell of the aloe barbadensis, as it is formally identified, can be applied directly to the skin to ease chafing and even help wounds and surgeries heal with reduced scarring.

It is also a frequent ingredient in stomach-soothing drinks, we've seen it listed on the ingredients of many pre-packaged beverages and smoothies.

As a home decoration, the bright green leaves and interesting shape of the aloe vera plant are appealing to the eye. It grows in a variety of lighting conditions and is very easy to care for (however, like most succulents, do not overwater!).

As landscaping plant, as shown here adjacent to a parking lot, the aloe vera can fill and brighten a dead space and requires very little care.


IMG_0277.JPG (156725 bytes)
Aloe vera plants used as landscaping
along the side of a building


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You'll notice that we now sell Horticultural Perlite by the one-gallon bag. A bag this size will augment a standard large bag of potting mix. Our Perlite is $4.95... we just saw a smaller bag at the garden store for $14... yikes! Most cactus blend specialty mixes that you buy at the store are basically a mixture of soil and Perlite (or other inorganic materials). Perlite is a type of puffed glass. It helps keep soil from compacting so that water drains away from the plant and the small bubbles on the surface help retain nutrients. We suggest adding it to all of your soil mixes.





We've just added the Agave Medio Pica Alba to our inventory. These are great looking agaves, about 10+ inches in diameter. Agaves will grow rapidly in the spring and summer months, so, get them in the ground asap. The white strip on these agaves is georgeous, looks like it was painted on it is so perfectly imperfect. These look very nice in a landscape setting, over time they will grow very full and about 4 feet tall.

Agave_Medio_Picta_Alba.JPG (452040 bytes)
Agave Medio Picta Alba

The hanging cactus garden contiunes to be a favorite.
They make nice self-contained, low maintenance gifts. They would be nice for recipients where cactus spines might create problems... such as kids, elderly, bridal showers (yes, many people give cacti as a bridal shower gift!).
Since cacti grow slowly, this garden should last quite a while before the plants out grow it.

Hanging_Cactus_Spoon.JPG (407817 bytes)
Hanging Cactus "Spoon" Dish Garden

If you experience freeze damage, best to not hack things up too soon. Pull off any wet, black or mushy parts, so they won't spread the damage. But you can let the plants go for the rest of the winter before cutting into the live part.

If you are expecting additional snow or freezing, styrofoam cups placed over the tips of plants can save them from freezing.


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