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Moon cactus Moon cactus plants
Colorful Moon Cactus Collection
Three different colors
Save 20%

"Moon Cactus" plants are actually a colorful head grafted onto a study stalk. They are growing in 3 inch diameter pots and are about 4-6 inches tall. They are very unique and make great gifts. We've had lots of requests for groups of these colorful plant and are offering three plants in different colors (colors may vary from photo).
Regularly priced at $6 per plant.
Three different plants for $14.95
Astrophytum Onzuka
Myriostigma Onzuka
This is a hybrid version of the astrophytum myriostigma "Bishops Cap". Developed a decade ago in Japan, it is noted for the highly defined pattern in contrasting green and white. We have a limited supply. A must-have for the collector and a great plant overall. About 1.5-2 inches diameter. Only a few available

Weingarita Neocumingii Cactus Plant
Weingarita Neocumingii
Rarly available native of Bolivia. Bright green coloration.

Echinopsis Vidriforium Cactus Plant
Echinopsis Vidriforium
An unusual echinopsis plant, we only have a few available.

Copiapoa Dura
Copiapoa Dura
We have a tough time keeping these in stock, but right now we have a few. Very popular small cactus plant from Chile. Noted for dark skin and black spines.

Lactea crest
Lactea Crest
These green (with occasional variagation) lactea crests are similar to the White Ghost in size, about 3-4 inches diameter (scroll down page for White Ghost). They will grow into a uniquely shaped crested plant over time. Grow well in a container.

Mammilaria Rhodantha
Mammilaria Rhodantha
"Rainbow Pincushion"
Just starting to bud and flower, this beautiful mammilaria keeps it's flowers for several months, a rarity in the cactus world! Grows nicely in a container.

Gymnocalycium Horstii
Gymnocalycium Horstii
Noted for it's shiny skin and bright green coloration. Also called the spider plant because of the distinctively shaped spines. New crop, very nice.

Lobivia Saltensis
Lobivia Saltensis
Native of Argentina, this lobivia produces an exceptionally deep red flower. Popular with collectors.

Aloe plicatilis
Aloe Plicatilis
Beautiful specimen of the Fan Aloe, growing in 4 inch diameter pots (shipped bareroot). Native os South Africa. About 4-6 inches tall. These will be popular -- don't delay!
This size sold out!
Medium size available

Copiapoa Hypogaea
Copiapoa Hypogaea
Native of Chile, grows in most frost free environments. Produces a yellow flower (these are now in flowering season). In habitat, much of the plant grows under the surface with only a portion of the top poking through the soil.

Echinopsis sanpedroensis
Echinocereus Sanpedroensis
Mexican native puts out a beautiful orange-red flower. Multi-stemmed clumping cactus.

Adromischus cristatus
Adromischus Cristatus
Back in stock after a sales rush! Limited supply.
Pilosocereus Calcisaxicolus
Pilosocereus Calcisaxicolus
These blue-colored column cactus plants can grow to 12 feet! (But, of course, that will take a long time). Right now, they are about 6-9 inches. Beautiful light blue color. Will grow in filtered to bright sunlinght. They will grow in containers. Desired by collectors. Limited quantity.

Stapelia Scitula.JPG (510131 bytes) stapeliavariagata.JPG (491397 bytes) IMG_5606.JPG (270709 bytes)

new.gif (1333 bytes)Mega Stapelia Special
Three of our most popular succulent plants (shown individually elsewhere on this page): three different stapelia starters! (Starters are rooted and ready to plant!) You'll be receiving three plants -- if fully priced they would normally sell for almost $25 -- this combo offer is just $19.95 -- YOU SAVE over 20%!
Check availability

Euphorbia Horrida medium
Euphorbia Horrida
We rarely have horrida as as large and healthy as these, they are growing robustly. These work in a container or in the ground. Limited supply.
Special value: $12.75
Old Lady Espostoa
Fuzzy but sharp...
Peruvian native espostoa has spines which resemble fine white hair. About 4 inches tall. Easy care, likes bright light.

Leuchtenbergia Principis
Leuchtenbergia Principis
This is a sole species, sometimes called the Prism Cactus or the Agave Cactus (for the shape of their leaf structure).
Native to San Luis Potosi in Northern Mexico. Slow growing, will flower after several years.


Echinofosulocactus coptansonis
Echinofosulocactus Coptansonis
Beautiful striped flower on this rare cactus plant!
Limited supply.

Melocactus diersianus
Melocactus Diersianus
Native to limestone rock formations of Brazil. Rare and difficult to find.These are good sized, about 4 inches diameter.

Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns
Euphorbia Milli

These euphorbia are flowering, they have red-pink blooms. They are very nice, growing in 4-inch pots (shipped bareroot). We'll try to ship ones that are flowering if at all possible.. They are large enough to have nicely developed branches. Overall plant is about 6-8 inches tall. These will grow great in a pot or in the ground.

Check availability

Pachypodium lamerei
Pachypodium Lamerei
The pachypodim lamerei is known as the Madagascar Palm. They have a thick spiny trunk and a tuft of leaves on top. Each year, the leaves fall off when the plant is dormant, to return in the spring. The plant can grow 6-8 inches per year in good conditions.
This new crop is about 5-6 inches tall and growing robustly. They are poised for a great season of spring and summer growth. They grow well in a container, tolerating bright to filtered light, but preferring warmth.
Special price: $7.50

Orange Moon Cactus
Orange Moon Cactus
A grafted "Moon Cactus" plant in bright orange! Makes a nice gift plant, as well. Brighten up your environment with these cute grafts. About 4 inches tall.

Neochilenea jussieui
Neochilenia Jussieui
About 3 inches diameter, this beautiful purple-brown cactus plant produces a light pink flower. Limited supply.


Fucaria Sato Fucaria Sato Japanese Hybrid
Unique Japanese Hybrid Fucaria
These hybrids are exceptionally special. Shown in a 4-inch diameter pot (shipped bareroot), these are a hybrid production by a Japanese plant breeder, Sato. As they grow, their leaves will develop multicolored bumps and shapes. (Red color comes out more in bright sunlight.) Each plant is different and unique. A very interesting potted plant, likes light and moderate temperatures. Limited supply.

Sulcorebutia mentosa
Sulcorebutia Mentosa
These small plants produce a massive array of purple flowers.

IMG_1296.JPG (589206 bytes)
Queen of the Night $19.95
We have a limited supply of the night blooming Hylocereus Undatus. Each order receives 2-3 stems, sized between 8 and 14 inches. The Queen of the Night shoots out a very large white bloom one a year, but only at night... so you'll have to wait until well after dark to see it. This plant grows rapidly, it isn't uncommon for one to have a dozen or more blooms at the same time. Once the plant matures, it produces a pinkish-red edible fruit known as Dragon Fruit.
Dragonfruit_Chiyai_market.jpg (19547 bytes)
The fruit of the Queen of the Night is called Dragon Fruit and pictured here for sale in a market in Taiwan. You won't believe the pink and green colors! We like to refrigerate it for a day before cutting in half and eating with a spoon. It usually takes a couple of years before the plant produces fruit.
Only a few remaining

Pacycereus marginatus
Pachycereus Marginatus
The pachycereus marginatus grows into a tall, column cactus. They grow so straight that they are commonly called the Mexican Fencepost (they are common in the northern Mexican desert). They grow best in bright to lightly filtered light and need very well draining soil. They need minimal water, only when very dry. These are small, about 4-5 inches tall. Under optimal growing conditions, you can get 5-8 inches of growth per year.


Aeonium purpuratrum
Aeonium Purpuratrum
We have a beautiful new crop of these succulent favorites. About 6-10 inches tall, they have dark leaves on the exterior and green centers. These grow well in the ground, they will create a bush-like plant in a couple of seasons.
Echeveria Blue Sky small
Echeveria Blue Sky
First time we've offered the Blue Sky in small size. Plants are about 4 inches diameter. Beautiful pale blue color with pink/red edges. Red will increase when exposed to bright sunlight. (Larger size available, scroll down the page.)

IMG_5606.JPG (270709 bytes) stapeliavariagata.JPG (491397 bytes)
Stapelia Grandiflora & Variagata Starter Combo
These two stapelia plants are all-time favorites -- they produce exotic large flowers in summer. We have been out of stock for many months but a new crop is ready.
They like filtered light and moderate water, they will grow well indoors and outside (in many climates). They work well in a hanging basket.
Your are purchasing "starters" which are rooted stems. Each stem is about 4-6 inches tall (some may already be branched). Your order will consist of four or five rooted stems of each plant. They can be planted in the container of your choice.


Rebutia muscula
Rebutia Muscula
These round rebutia are covered with white spines. Easy to grow, they produce an orange flower. Native to Bolivia and Argentina.

Bishops Cap
The Astrophytum Myriostigna is a spineless cactus also called the Bishops Cap. We have a new crop of them, about 1 - 2 inches diameter. (Note: may have either five or four ridges.) Grow well indoors in a container. These are fairly slow growing, so we have been out of them for a while, order soon if you want one!
Astrophytum Ornatum
Astrophytum Ornatum
Rare astrophytum is the faster growing of the family. Native to central Mexico. Limited supply of beautiful specimens.

Rebutia perplexa
Rebutia Perplexa
Clumping bright green rebutia. Grows well in a pot as well as outdoors in many environments

Haworthia truncata
Haworthia Truncata
The Haworthia truncata is a rare plant, native to South Africa. It has been a while since we've had a crop as nice as this one. They are very slow growing, these are
about 3-4 inches diameter. Bright to filtered light, but water only when dry. We have a limited supply.

Baby Toes
Baby Toes are back!
Stock up on a great crop of toes! Nicely growing



Mammillaria spinosissima
Mammillaria Spinosissima
This plant is native to Guerrero, Mexico and grows up to 12 inches tall. It is known for the colorful ring of magenta flowers at the top and is sometimes called The Red-Headed Irishman due to the flower crown. We have some beautiful specimens about 4 inches tall and flowering like crazy. This is an easy to grow plant requiring little care.
These are large and beautiful -- don't miss them!
Pachypodium brevicaule
Pachypodium Brevicaule
This rare pachypodium is unique, a dwarf plant that grows in sandstone cracks and crevices. In habitat it grows at altitude, so it can handle weather variations. The plant grows laterally, as an ever expanding caudex. It produces flowers (ours are now budding and starting to flower). Over time, they can look like a large rock. They tolerate rainfall as well as extended dry periods.
Limited quantity

Click to check availability

Euphorbia avesmontana
Euphorbia Avasmontana
Small version of this hardy euphorbia plant, grows into a bush-like shape.
Limited quantity. About 8-12 inches tall.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Special Summer price on aloe barbadensis, the FDA approved aloe vera plant. Use for sunburns, skin irritations. Abour 5-6 inches tall. Shipped bareroot, plant in a 6-inch diameter pot.

Collector aloe combo
Collector Aloe Combo
An aloe specialist shared a few unique aloe plants with us. We offer a combination of two different designer aloes (may differ from photo, but you will receive two unique aloes), shown in 4-inch pots (shipped bareroot) and others. Usually they would sell for $6 or $7 each, we're offering them both for $10.95. Very limited quantities. This combo will contain two aloes, which may differ from those pictured.
Echeverria Blue Sky
Echeverria Blue Sky
This beautifully colored, oversized echeverria Blue Sky is about 5-6 inches diameter, growing in a 6-inch diameter pot (shipped bareroot). They have a strikingly pale blue interior and red edges (which will become deeper red in bright sunlight).

Crassula falcata
Large Crassula Falcata
Propeller Plant

Large sized, shown in 6 inch diameter pot. About 6-8 inches wide.

Crssula falcata
Small Crassula Falcata
Propeller Plant

These are about 3-4 inches diameter, they are about one year "younger" than the large size shown to the left. They are growing nicely and ready to pot into a larger container. Or plant in the ground, they make a very interesting clump over time.

Opuntia with flower Opuntia flower
Opuntia Fan
Beautiful flowers!

These opuntia are growing like crazy and had beautiful yellow flowers in May. Excellent for outdoors or containers.
Kalanchoe Thrysfolia
Kalanchoe Thrysfolia

These are fun plants -- they turn red in the sun. Will grow indoors in a container (although they will need bright sunlight to stay red).

Echeveria Black Prince
Echeveria Black Prince
Deep red-black coloration on this tight, rigid leaved echeveria rosette. Centers can be green when growing, they turn red-black in the sun. Suitable for containers, grows to about 6-7 inches diameter. Our crop is about 3.5 inches diameter. Limited quantities. (In this photo, some leaves need a wash -- that's liquid fertilizer residue.)

Nolina Pony Tail
Pony Tail Palm
Nolina Recurata

Unadvertised Special
Our Pony Tail Palms, growing in a 6-inch pot, have a nice caudex formed and beautiful leaf growth. They will thrive in a 10 inch pot or even in the ground in many environments.

Aloe ciliaris
Aloe Ciliaris
The aloe ciliaris is unique in that it is a climbing aloe. Fast growing and very environmentally tolerant, it will climb poles, fences and trees. Makes a nice cover for retaining walls. Native of South Africa. You'll receive 2-3 nicely rooted plants, as shown here. Note: once they are larger, they need something to climb, otherwise they will form a clump.
Special value: $5.00

Royal Flush
Pliospilos Royal Flush
This variation of the "living rock" is uniquely purple. About 1-1.25 inches diameter, they are tiny but very cool. They grow well indoors (outside in some warm environments).  Limited quantity.

Kalanchoe Tubifolia
Kalanchoe Tubifolia
Sometimes called the Mother of Millions, the tiny seeds easily fall and soon you'll have a full planter.

Kalanchoe Fedckenshoi
Kalanchoe Fedckenshoi
One of our most popular plants, they have pale blue-green leaves and red edges (they turn brighter in sunlight).
Special value: $5.00

Mammillaria albicans
Mammillaria Albicans
Great looking ring of flowers on this columnar mammillaria.
Limited supply.
Euphorbia monstrose
Euphorbia Monstrose
These clumping euphorbia are robustly growing. Make a great indoor plant.

Succulent flat
Succulent Special
SAVE 20-25% on16 mixed succulent plants!

Great value! A flat of 16 different succulent plants at a 20-25% savings!

 Each flat consists of 16 plants (shown here in 4 inch pots, shipped bareroot for easier planting upon arrival).

The flats are mixed, you'll receive several different types of plants including crassula, senecio, aloe, haworthia, kalanchoe and others. 

 These plants are growing robustly and will accent a container or special spot in your garden. 

You'll receive 16 plants for $79.50 plus shipping.

Whitesloanea small
Whitesloanea Crassa
If you are ever in Somalia, you may never see one of these native plants. Locals protect them in an almost mystical manner for apparent medicinal properties and you can be killed for taking one. They grow in gritty gravel in filtered light. They produce a white and brown flower. It is considered one of the rarest succulents. Ours are seed grown about 1 to 1.5 inches tall and well rooted. (We may still have a few remaining larger ones for $95, see Unusual Plant page.)
Sorry, sold out for now
Check availability

Monadenium ritchiei
Monadenium Ritchiei
This popular clumping plant produces a small pink flower. Unique knobby stem. Limited supply.
Note: these drop leaves during winter dormancy.
Check availability



Astrophytum coahuilense Astrophytum coahuilense
Astrophytum Coahuilense
The coahuilense is very much like the more common Bishop's Hat -- EXCEPT for the density of the white spots, they are actually quite fuzzy. They are much more concentrated on the Coahuilense. The plant on the right is what you are buying, it is a couple of years old grown from seed. With care and a few years, they puff up and grow -- the plant on the right is the same plant about 3-4 years later.. it is huge. These are perfect specimens of a rare collectible plant.
Check availability

aloeveraV1.JPG (414280 bytes)
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera (aloe barbadensis) is medically recognized to help heal burns and soothe skin irritations, plus it has natural antibiotic properties, too.
Great to have around the house all the time, essential after summer sun exposure. Keep one on a windowsill near the kitchen in case of burns.

Pachypodium namaquantum
Pachypodium Namaquantum
Sometimes called the Elephant's Trunk, these natives of Namibia the Northern Cape in Africa can grow quite plump and up to 10 feet tall. We have a new crop of these rare plants about an inch tall and poised for growth. During growing season they have a tuft of leaves at the top. They are threatened in their native habitat (ours are nursery-grown from seed).

Rebutia albipilosa
Rebutia Albipilosa
These plants are beautiful. They are growing robustly and now flowering.
Rebutia are easy care, they like filtered to bright light and moderate temperatures. Work well in a container.

Tirucali Firestick
Tirucali Firestick
The firestick turns bright red at the tips in summer sun. They grow well in a container, indoors or outside. Easy to grow. About 15-20+ inches tall. Shipped bareroot.


Topsy turvey echeveria
Echeveria Topsy Turvey
Makes a great houseplant! About 4 inches diameter, nicely rooted and growing.

Aloe Park Avenue
Aloe Park Avenue
The Park Avenue is rigid-leaved aloe very dark green in color with white highlights. These are shown in a 4-inch diameter pot (we ship bareroot). The plants are about 4 inches diameter and 3 inches tall. This is an easy care specialty aloe plant that looks great in a container.
Notocactus hybrid
Lobivia Hybrid
These little clumps are putting out some fantastic flowers, some pink, some orange, some red (not on the same plant, of course). Limited supply.

S p e c i a l
Three haworthia plants
Three Haworthia Plants
Special Value

Three different haworthia plants all overflowing their containers, about 3-4 inches diameter. (Shipped bareroot.)
Haworthia plants are easy to grow indoors or outside. Native to South Africa, the thrive in many climates.
You receive three different varieties (may differ from those pictured). You could plant them in a single container and have a wonderful summer centerpiece, or split them up and have many plants. Quantities limited.

Crassula Arborescense
Crassula Arborescense
"Silver Dollar" Plant

The crassula arborescense has round, pale blue-green leaves with red tips. It is nicknamed the Silver Dollar plant because the the round shape of the leaves. They are native to South Africa.

This is a very hardy plant, frost-rated to about 28 degrees (although, it cannot likely withstand freezing temps for an extended period). It likes partial to full shade. In optimal circumstances, they can grow into a shrub shape as tall as 6-8 feet. But, they also do well (and grow less) in containers. They are easily trimmed to size and shape. Require water in summer or any time the leaves show shriveling.

N e e d  A  B r a i n ?
Brain Cactus
The Brain Cactus
One of our all-time best selling plants.
It looks like... guess what? Sends a message, with or without a gift card! (Just kidding.)
These make a great house plant or gift. (Put one in your kid's room?)
Sorry, too late to get a brain
Check availability

Neoporteria oculta 
Neoporteria Oculta
Produces a beautiful flower, native of Chile.
Dark brown / purple color.
Sedum Donkey Tail
Sedum "Donkey Tail"
We have a new supply of this great plant... a favorite for hanging baskets and succulent arrangements. Strands of "beads" will drape and hang. Easy to care for, easy to grow (each bead, if placed in the pot, will grow into a new strand). Shipped bareroot.
Special price: $5.00

Notocactus scopa
Notocactus Scopa
The scopa puts out a huge yellow flower, usually in late spring to early fall.
They are an easy to grow cactus plant requiring minimal care, will grow in a container.
(These are shipped bareroot.)

Mammillaria Guesloviana
Mammillaria Guesloviana
These are a very nice ball-shaped mammillaria blooming like crazy! They put out a huge purple flower. The Mammillaria Guesloviana is a clumping plant, so, will have pups. Ultimately, you'll have a huge sea of purple when flower time arrives.

Zebra Super White
Zebra Plant
These haworthia fasciata (also called the zebra plant) have beautiful appearance and an interesting texture. They have white stripes.
We are offering them at a special price of $5.00. They are a very pretty plant, will grow well indoors in a container.

Aloe marlothii.JPG (487922 bytes)
Out of Africa
Aloe Marlothii

One of the most stunning plants in Africa is the Aloe Marlothii. It is found from sea level to high hills in countries such as Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique. The plant usually grows to a height ranging from 5-12 feet. (As it grows more tree-like, dead leaves remain on the trunk in habitat as a defense against animal munching.) They put out a flower that is a branched candelabra-shaped with yellow to orange flowers.
These are prime healthy young plants about 4-5 inches tall. They are ready for an 8-12 inch pot... and given growing room for their roots will take off! Be sure to give them growing room...
White seneccio.JPG (549982 bytes)
Rare White Senecio
This is one of nature's only white colored plants. Very slow to root (we wanted to have these in early summer but they are only now ready to go), these plants make a wonderful potted plant or outdoor decorative plant.
 They consist of 2-3 stems and are about 3-7inches tall. (One note: planting in shade may cause them to begin to turn green... this is remedied by giving them more sun.)

Aloe_Breviflora.JPG (7869 bytes)
Aloe Breviflora
Special Price
The breviflora is a beautiful blue-colored aloe, when exposed to sun they turn pink at the tips. These are excellent plants to grow indoors or out. They also do well in the ground in many environments and will grow into a robust clump in a few years.
These are about 4 inches diamter, very well rooted, they can be potted in an 8 inch pot for best growth.

Paddle cactus.JPG (409549 bytes)
Opuntia Pads!
When people ask us which plant they can use to create a fast growing fence, we usually suggest the opuntia. Also called the Paddle Cactus, these plants are very tolerant of almost all environmental conditions and once rooted grow amazingly fast. In a season, a rooted pad will put out a couple of generations of "ears" ... and in a couple of years they rapidly expand in breadth and height.

Very easy care: plant in dry soil, water only after roots come out in a few weeks... sit back and don't do much else. Some water once in a while is about all they require.

You can even eat your fence! The young opuntia pads (not the ones we ship, but the future generations) are known as "nopal" in Latin America and can be chopped into a salad or cooked like a squash. (Of course, they must be skinned and have the spines removed first.) Around here at Cactus Limon, we like cooked in a little oil, then topped with cheese, then topped with salsa. Yum!

Three opuntia pads for $20


Mammillaria Elongata.JPG (494397 bytes)

Native to Hidalgo, Mexico, the mammillaria elongata is a clumping plant with long stems which will form dense clumps over time. It grows rapidly and is easy to propagate from shoots. Has a nice small yellow flower (currently flowering, you have to look closely). Sensitive to water, needs to be dry during winter dormancy. We have a very limited supply.

Crassula perforata
"Button Plant"
Beautiful crassula perforata looks like a string of buttons and is an easy to grow house plant.

Aloe_Nobilis_V4.JPG (152484 bytes) Aloe_Breviflora.JPG (7869 bytes)
Beautiful Aloe Nobilis & Aloe Breviflora Combo
Nobilis is dark green with hints of pink at the tips. Breviflora is lighter green, can also have the pink tips.
Each about 3-5 inches diameter. (May not have pups as shown.)
We have an overstock of these, offering at half-price!

Parodia Oculta.JPG (801396 bytes) Parodia

These mottled-colored parodia oculta are blooming their red-pink flowers. This is a rare plant, a great addition to your collection or gift for a cactus fan. Limited quantities.

Aloe Aristata.JPG (613979 bytes) Aloe Aristata
These aloes are about 4 inches in diameter and in prime summer growth mode...nice and green and healthy. They make a wonderful indoor plant, but can also work outdoors in some environments.

IMG_1140.JPG (757087 bytes) Crassula Mucosa
The crassula mucosa is sometimes called the Lizard's Tail (due to the scale-like interwoven leaves) or the Watch Chain (same reason). In any case, it is a wonderful native of South Africa that is fast growing and can tolerate a wide variety of environments. It likes partial shade to full sunlight and moderate water. When they are larger, these look nice in a hanging pot.
The current crop is shown in 4-inch pots (we ship them bareroot) and they are about 4-6 inches tall. Each plant contains many stems. They are currently showing strong growth.

Euphorbia Obesa.JPG (510969 bytes) Euphorbia Obesa
Special price on a very unique plant. These are spineless, round with a grey-green coloration highlighted by ridges that tend towards purple in color.
Always one of our best selling plants, we've procured a limited supply at an exceptionally low price.
They make a great gift, in particular kids seem to really like them.

Echinopsis Subdedantum.JPG (371097 bytes)
Echinopsis Subdedantum
"Fuzzy" Hybrid
The classic subdedantum has been hybrid to exhibit extremely fuzzy areoles. Beautiful shape and color. These will grow into a nice clump over time. We have a limited supply.

IMG_1346.JPG (634341 bytes)

Think Purple
Many people love cacti that are pink or purple, so we are offering a special combo price on our two most popular! The rubispinus and coahuila are pinkish-purplish and get very plump, eventually they will clump. These are substantial plants about 4-5 inches tall. You are buying one each (two plants total).

$15 for both plants

Notocactus Leninghausii.JPG (594520 bytes)
Notocactus Leninghausii
The Golden Ball Cactus
Cute Little Fuzzy Yellow Notocactus
This cute little yellow cactus is the notocactus leninghausii, also called the Golden Ball Cactus. For some reason, kids seem to love them... always wanting to "pet" the plant. (Their spines are somewhat soft, but nevertheless, they are spines.)

Notocactus are native to Brazil and Uruguay, where they grow in a dry climate of wide temperature variations -- from almost freezing to extremely hot. They are easy care plants, requiring little water (once a month, perhaps) in winter and a bit more during their summer growing season. These would look nice in a sunny window, on a desk, or elsewhere that you'd like a nice yellow spot of color. They are about 2-3 inches tall. Shipped bareroot. We have a limited supply.

Wigginsia pauciareolata Wiggansia Pauciareolata
Your love the wooly wigginsia... tufted with a permanent white wool cephalium. In the summer, beautiful flowers emerge from the white wool.

Plumeria Starlight.JPG (486410 bytes)
Each plumeria tree is abour 24-30 inches tall, as shown.

Plumeria Flower Starlight.JPG (355508 bytes)

Buy one of each, the shipping rate for two is the same as for a single.

Beautiful Plumeria Trees
Plumeria have a wonderfully scented flower. We have a limited quantity of fully rooted, robustly growing plumeria trees now available (these are not cuttings, they are fully growing, as shown). Two varieties are being offered: the JL Starlight (white flower, as shown below) and the Tomlinson Pink (pink flower). Each tree is about 24-30+ inches tall, nicely growing. Some are in bloom, but there are no guarantees, their bloom period can range from spring to early fall depending upon the climate. These two varieties are fairly hardy, they can grow in a container or in the ground and can also be grown indoors. They like full to partial sunlight and require average amounts of water. Quantities are limited.
Orders may take up to two weeks before they ship. Please inquire via e-mail if interested.

JL Starlight (White flower)

Tomlinson Pink (Pink flower)

Corypantha Andrae.JPG (362406 bytes) Corypantha Andrae
The classic beauty reminds you or a Andes Mountains -- snow capped whitecephaleum and... now blooming! They are just budding and starting to flower. We make no guarantees, but we'll try to ship with buds for the next couple of weeks so you can enjoy the flowers. Beautiful shape and color.

Stetsonia Coryne.JPG (462612 bytes)
All Weather Column
Stetsonia Coryne

This beautiful column was originally from the Andes Mountains of northwestern Argentina. Given its origins, it can tolerate weather extremes including cold, rain, snow and drought. It is a perfect column cactus for areas with less than favorable weather. In habitat it even thrives in hard packed clay soil. The stetsonia has an incredible night-blooming flower which is about 6-inches long. As this plant grows, it puts out offshoot branches, sometimes resembling a saguaro cactus. Each column is between 8-11 inches tall, fully rooted.

Available is the slightly smaller one, about 6 inches tall

IMG_7697.JPG (334455 bytes)
Whoa! Monster barrel!
This grusonii golden barrel is 9+ inches in diameter.Shipped bareroot. Very nice heft and presence on this biggie.

Large aloe vera.JPG (535615 bytes)
Larger Aloe Vera Plant
About twice the size of our regular aloe vera plants above, about a year older. Thicker leaves, nice for indoor or outdoor planting.



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